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All packages must be in sellable condition and must be in a complete package as the customer received it.  We will not accept any products that have been discontinued or have been purchased over 14 days from the day the item was delivered.  Upon receipt of returned merchandise, Credits Department will inspect, and a credit will be issued.  Rejected merchandise will not be issued any credits.

DAMAGED RETURNS:  Customers need to notify any damages within 14 days from the day of the delivery.  No credit will be issued on items returned after that permitted time.  We encourage customers to check for any damages as soon as they receive any shipment and contact us for any concerns as soon as possible.

REFUSED/RETURNED PACKAGES:  Customers are required to pay the re-shipping cost of any refused/returned package due for the following reasons: 
A) Incorrect information submitted by the customer and approved shipment by the customer.  
B) Customer approved shipping but could not receive their box from the courier.  Before re-shipping a refused/returned package, the customer must agree to pay the previous shipping cost.  More than 3 refused/returned packages will affect eligibility to continue service with "Burgundy apparel," or upon the manager’s approval, a change in Terms will be issued.

RETURN (GENERAL):  All returns must be in 5 days from receiving date.
Shipping and handling are nonrefundable.
It is the customer's responsibility to ship the product back unless the items are defective. 

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